Does a trainer needs any maintenance?


It depends on which trainer you have. 

Trainers using a wheel (non direct drive trainers).

1. Use a training tire that is not older then 1 year. After one year the tire could dry out and grip will be lost.
2. Please make sure that the tire and rol of the brake is clean. The best way is to use white Vinegar.
3. The tirepressue should always be 8 bar with racebikes or the maximum pressure with other wheel diameters. This prevents overheating the tire and the metal rol will last longer.


NEO Smart  - FLUX Smart.

With the NEO Smart and the FLUX Smart, maintenance is required for the EDCO module. It is important to check this each year and clean and greasethe body, to prevent cracking and clicking sounds.  


1. Remove the EDCO body (including the cassette) of the NEO/FLUX. Use the Alan key: 5 mm.



2. Remove the black ring from the axles.


3. Grease the ring and EDCO module.

Place everything back when this is done. 



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