Tacx Cloud

Tacx Cloud is a webbased database where all the score files and routes are stored. 

It connects to the Tacx Training App and Tacx Cycling App and will synchronize the data. You can login via:

The synchonization is only done with your own created routes (so not with the free downloads from the Tacx Cycling app).

You can change your settings via the settings button. The cloud is also used for creating Workouts. The Workouts are then synchonized with the Training app and the Cycling App. You can also export from the cloud using the TCX exports. This can then be imported in Strava, Garmin, Trainingpeaks or other programs using import functions 


When there is a problem, please go to settings and copy the cloud ID reference number. Send this reference number  to Tacx Support with a full problem description. 

Note: The Cloud is not connected with Tacx Trainer Software 4.


Synchronisation, what is uploaded and what is not.

When you use the free-inapp purchase for the routes, then these will not be synchronized with the Cloud. You can see them as an Activity. But they are not synchonized with the Training app or in the webcloud.. The routes that you make yourself are synchronized with the Cloud. 

Course from Films are also not synchronized with the cloud that are created by Tacx. When you stop during a ride in a Film and save it, then this track will be synchronized with the cloud. When you create a course in a Film, then this will be synchronized with the cloud.


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