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The following is a list of TTS4 question or problems and their solutions.


Download latest version

This is the latest download version: link

Individual updates (when launcher updates won't work):

The program does not fit my screen.

This is often caused by using a screen scaling greater than 100%. To change the screen scaling:
Windows 10

Select Settings / System / Display. Move the slider under “Change the text and other items larger or smaller

Change the scaling to 100% or put it to smaller.


For Windows 7, go to your search field and type in DPI. Set the DPI on 100%


Virusscanners and Firewalls

The following anti-virus and firewall programs are known to cause problems with TTS4.


It is recommended to uninstall these products completely from your system. Pausing or disabling the scanning component of the software is not sufficient to prevent interference with TTS4.


What do I need to use Tacx Trainer Software 4? 

Tacx Trainer Software 4 is Windows software and runs on Windows 7 and above (not Mac compatible). To determine if your system is compatible with TTS4 please use our system requirements’ tester here

One of the most important aspects of the system is the graphics card. If the graphics card does not meet the recommended specification (see test program) it will not be possible to use the Virtual Reality component of the software. Workouts, films and GPS components of TTS4 will still be usable but performance will be suboptimal.

TTS4 communicates with Tacx trainers using the ANT+ protocol. For Smart and FE-C compatible trainers Tacx sell the  T2990 'Upgrade Smart' package. This includes everything you need to convert your trainer to use TTS4, the T2028 ANT+ receiver, T2022 handlebar controller and Tacx Trainer Software 4. If you already have an ANT+ receiver, then TTS4 can be purchased from the Tacx online shop. If you do not purchase the T2022 handlebar controller you can also control TTS4 using your PC keyboard (see instructional video for more details).


'Start Training' button is greyed out.

When the start training button is greyed out it is not possible to start training. There can be several reasons why this is the case. The video below shows you how to solve these problems.



My speed is not correct compared to my Garmin or Polar information.

Tacx Trainer Software displays virtual speed which can differ from the actual physical speed of the bicycle wheels measured by the third party device.

Different trainers are capable of producing different levels of resistance and can simulate different gradients of slope. A Vortex Smart can simulate a 5% slope, whereas a Genius Smart can simulate a 20% slope. Virtual speed is used to compensate for these different resistances so that the same amount of energy is expended climbing a slope regardless of the model of trainer being used. If the gradient of the slope exceeds the maximum resistance of the trainer, the virtual speed is lowered so the climb takes longer. This means that a climb using a Vortex Smart will take longer than using a Genius Smart, but the same amount of energy is expended.

The third party device will always show the real speed of the bicycle wheel.



Only films with a serial number above T1956.30 will work with TTS4.

Playback Problems
The following video is useful if you are having playback issues. The video includes solutions to common problems relating to runtime errors, no video screen etc.




To use the GPS functionality a separate license is required which can be obtained from our online shop here. Only 2D views are provided since Google discontinued support for 3D views in 2015.


Streetview is not shown. 

Make sure you have selected Streetview in settings. 

Go to setup - settings - maps - select Streetview.

It is possible to change the view during your ride (with the T2022 handle bar remote control). This way you make Streetview visible.


When I create an import from a GPS ride, then I get the following error message "GPX data missing GEO data". 

Tacx Trainer Software requires height profile information to be included in the import file. Some GPS data files do not included height profile information. Using GPS Visualizer it is possible to add in the missing height profile information.  See gpsvisualizer. for more information.


Virtual Reality

The video below shows common problems with the Virtual Reality training components and how to cure them.
It is extremely important to ensure that your video card meets the recommended specification otherwise you will be unable to use the Virtual Reality training.



Know issues with 4.22

  • 20-02: Google has made an update in the GPS section which results in  Streetview problems. Tacx is analyzing this problem is and searching for a solution. 
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