The on/off switch stays out. 

Turn on the brake unit, and confirm that the red powerlight is on.


If the brake will not switch on, then there may be a hardware failure. You will need to contact the (web) shop where you purchased the unit from to follow the warranty procedure.


There is no cadance or resistance.

Please check if all the hardware parts are correctly placed. Below issue causes this problem (electronic part is not well connected.) Please turn the brake off.



Push the electronics back on the midpart, Then take out the bike from the trainer. Then install the update program and follow the instructions. After the update and alignment, please turn the brake off for 2 minutes. Then turn everything on again. 


My brake makes a lot of noise. 

Disengage the tire from the brake unit. Push your thumb hard against the metal band of the brake roller. If you hear a click or notice that the metal plate is loose, you will need to contact the (online) shop from where you purchased the trainer (this indicates that the metal roller is loose and is touching the back of the plastic casing). 

Also check if the metal roller contains residue. Rubber particles make the tire bumpy and noisy. Always keep the metal roller clean. You can clean the roller with white-spirit or vinegar.


BlackTrack cannot be connected. 

To turn on the BlackTrack you need to turn the steering to the left. There will be a flashing light on the device. Go to setup - device manager - scan - select the BlackTrack - and press connect. This way the BlackTrack will be found. The light willvturn off automatically when you shut down Tacx Trainer Software 4. The BlackTrack can only be used on the Virtual Reality part of Tacx Trainer Software 4. Also make sure you run the latest Tacx Trainer Software 4 (before 4.20 there could be bugs with the Blacktrack)


The light on the BlackTrack will not flash.

When you turn the steering to the left and there is no flashing light, then please check the batteries. Are they put correctly into the device or replace them for new batteries. When you have still the same problem after replacing the batteries then please contact the (web) shop. When the light continue to flash then there is an issue with the hardware (when you are unable to connect the trainer). In that case please contact the (web) shop. 





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