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You do not need to calibrate the NEO Smart. Please ignore all the calibration opties that are offered.

There is no maintenance needed on the NEO Smart, only the EDCO module that is connected to the cassette. This EDCO module needs to be greased once a year. Please select this link how this works. 


The first time I smell something strange.

This is normal, this is the thermal protection coating, and at first use, it warms up the coating and you will smell that. The smell will be gone the next time you use it. 


Do all bikes fit?

Tacx made an adjustment which had changed the NEO Smart frame. This has been done because some of the Time Trial bikes (TT) bikes would not fit the earlier models. Now it is possible to fit TT bikes with the new model. 

These models are available around Q3/Q4 in stores. You can regonize this with the special W2017 sticker on the box (see picture below). When you have a TT bike, please ask the store if W2017 is on the box. The Shimano/Sram 9, 10 and 11 speed will fit all NEO's. 8 speed Campagnolo will not fit. Click here for more information. 


   Model W2017 


 earlier model


I can hear a strange noise coming from the trainer. 

It is possible that you hear a sound from the trainer when you have and old chain and a new cassette. Then you can hear a gombling sound. You can solve this to remove the old chains for new. We also advise to grease the EDCO module. 

If you have another sound as explained above, then please contact Please add a short soundclip (not larger then 5mb). Tacx can then analyse the problem.


Flashing RED light on the NEO.

You can see 3 LED lights on the side of the trainer. Red (on), Amber (ANT+ connection) and Blue (Bluetooth connection). When you see the red light flashing, then there is something wrong with the brake. This can be a problem with the fan. In this case please contact the (web) shop to replace the unit. 


My derrailleur will hit the NEO in lightest gear.

Happens most with Campagnolo, and it means that your derrailleur is not straight. The lowerbody is not straight. Please correct this. If this still does not work, please contact Tacx Support and request the 2 ring solution to extend your EDCO module.


My cassette does not freewheel. When i hold my legs the bike keeps spinning.

The EDCO module causes this problem. There is a black ring which is loose on the body. This is the reason the trainer is not freewheeling. There is an easy solution, please select this link for the correct solution. 


Can I use a MTB 29 on a Tacx NEO Smart.

This is possible. We have special adapters for 12mm axles. More information can be found here.


Can I use disc brakes bikes on a NEO Smart

Yes you can. There is a small adapter set delivered with the NEO. If you have e-tru axles then check the question above. 


What is the maximum  weight for a person on a NEO.

The maximum person weight for all Tacx Trainers is 125kg.


The NEO smart gives a message DfuNrf during update or connection.

When the firmware version is not updated, and the update hangs, then it is possible that with the next connection you will see (DfuNrf). Start update proces again, and during the update turn the Bluetooth connection off/on when asked. There is a message on the screen when you need to do this.

Use the Slidebar to turn Bluetooth off/on (not in settings). This will not turn off the app. When the update "hangs" for longer then one minute, then turn Bluetooth off and on so the process continues. When the update is ready you will see that the NEO has its original name back. 





Firmware updates (Tacx Utility app)


Combination: Macbook + Bluetooth connection + ERG training gives problems with cadence and adaptation of the power (delay). Other combinations do not have problems (iOS, ANT + mobile link etc).

(18122017) Latest versie: 0.2.1/0.7.4/0.8.4

NEO pedal stroke for Tacx Desktop application

low cadens issues fixed

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