License issue


We do not support TTS2 anymore.


Only compatible with Windows 7 & 8, technicly with latest update will work on Windows 10. No support from Tacx. 


Do you want to transfer the license to another PC, then you need to deactivate the license first from the original PC.  

See this video how to officially deactivate your license on the current PC. 

In case of: PC crash, PC stolen, harddisk change, windows name changed, update from Windows 7, 8 to 10.

Then please contact Tacx Support (or email Make sure to send your license code with it.

*when you get the message 'code invalid'. Then something went wrong during retyping this code. Please make sure you have filled in the code correct. Still no success, then send an email with a picture of the license code, retyped code and error message to Tacx Support.


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