What is Smart versus non Smart


All our Smart trainers are Bluetooth 4.0 and FE-C compatible (Fitness Equipement Control). This means that you can connect the trainer with our Tacx Cycling App, Tacx Training App and Tacx Utility App via Bluetooth, or other Apps that implemented the Bluetooth protocol. Make sure that your Tablet / Smartphone has Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. 

You are also able to connect the Smart trainer with other Apps like Bkool, KinoMap, Zwift etc using the ANT+ communication. ANT+ is mostly used for connection Apps running via a PC or a Mac computer. For this you need an ANT+ antenna.

Always check the latest Firmware via the Tacx Utility App


Non Smart

When you have a non Smart trainer, then this can only be connected with the Tacx Trainer Software 4 for PC. You can use the Tacx Cycling App, but you need to have a Micro USB for Android or Wahoo ANT+ dongle for iPad (iPad 2 not compatible). All Smart trainers have a Bluetooth logo on the brake. If this is not the case the model is non Smart. 

The i-Flow (Flow Multiplayer), i-Magic and Fortius trainers are not compatible with our Tacx Cycling App or Tacx Training App. 


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