Tacx Utility App

What is the Tacx Utility App.

Tacx Utility App is an App which you can update, calibrate or solve issues with your Tacx Smart trainer. Each trainer has different options.

The App can be downloaded via the Google Play Store or App Store.  


Next we show the Smart trainers which work with the App. Also the Satori Smart has been added to this group of trainers. 

Note: it is important to turn off all apps running in the background. When this is not done, it could be that the trainer is still connected to another App. 

Firmware updates

Tacx develops new firmware to improve the brake performance. Via this process you can update your brake. Tacx always advise to update the brake to the latest version, so please check the firmware updates. 



If you use a Third party Application, it is important to use the Tacx Utility App to perform a calibration. 

Check 'how to setup my trainer' for the best setup, and then use this calbration function. The calibration value is being stored in the brake. After this you can disconnect and connect to Zwift or other Third party Apps. 



When there is a problem, you can check the dashboard function. It will display an error related to your trainer (overheating, overvoltage, etc.). If case some functions are red marked, then please make a printscreen of the dashboard and contact, so we are able to advise what you can do. 



(Genius only)

Alignment is only used when resistance is 0, or when no cadence is detected. In case of electronic swap, the Alignment is also used. Alignment will check the position of the roll with the chip position on the electronics that calculates the speed / cadence and resistance control. It is important that the rol does not touch the tire, so release the brake lever. 



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