Tacx Cycling App & Tacx Training App

Tacx Cycling App


Cannot connect to the trainer.

Please close all the background apps running on the device.

Make sure your tablet supports Bluetooth 4.0 (the iPad 2 is not compatible). 

Some android tablets have a combined Bluetooth / Wi-Fi aerial. If your device has trouble detecting your trainer try deactivating Wi-Fi.

Once connected to the trainer press the bar (do not slide) displayed in the app. Once the connection has been made with the trainer the logo will be highlighted in white and the rest of the status information will be shown in blue. If the logo is not highlighted in white the connection has not been made.  Check the following video for more information.



If I uninstall the App, Will I Lose My Films?

If you uninstall the app from your device your films are also removed. The films are however linked to your purchase so if you reinstall the app the films will be available to download again.

On an iPad and Android, select ‘restore purchases’ to download your films again. 

Purchased films are linked to the application store account used for their purchase. For this reason, it is not possible to transfer films between iOS and Android. It is also not possible to use films purchased within the Tacx Cycling app with Tacx Trainer Software and vice versa.


Cannot Calibrate the Trainer.

Ensure the trainer is set up correctly as shown in the instruction video.

For accurate calibration it is recommended to inflate the bicycle tyre to the maximum pressure shown on the tyre wall or 110 psi (8 bar).

Tacx always recommend using a training tyres. These are made of a special hard wearing compound designed especially for the stresses created by a trainer and to prevent slippage.

Note. Training tyres have a life span of around one year. After this time the tyre materials dehydrates and hardens causing excessive noise and increased wear and slippage during training.

The Tacx NEO Smart trainer is calibrated in the factory so no additional calibration is needed before using the app.


System requirements

For iPad 

iPad 3 and higher. iPad 2 is not compatible. You can use the iPad 2 with a Wahoo ANT+ dongle, but Tacx will not advise this. The iPad2 is missing the correct specifiations to use the App correctly. 

For Android

Android version 4.3 and higher. 

See this list for compatible tablets. 


Can I login As a Different User and Use the Same Films?

It is possible to use the app as a different user. However, as films are linked to the account that purchased the app, it may be necessary to log into the application store as the original user and download the films again.

On an iPad and Android, select ‘restore purchases’ to download your films again.


Known Issues in Version.



Tacx Training App


Cannot Connect to the Trainer. 

Please close all the background apps running on your phone. Ensure that no other devices are connected to your phone via Bluetooth Smart.

Ensure that your phone supports Bluetooth 4.0.

Android phones can also connect to trainers using ANT+ if the phone supports USBtoGo. Tacx advise using an Android phone with a minimum of 2GB of RAM and a dual-core processor.


Bluetooth Communication Issues.

The phone must support Bluetooth 4.0.

Tacx is unable to assist with hardware issues relating to specific manufacturers/phones or issues relating to specific versions of Android.


System Requirements

iPhone 4s and newer

Android version 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or newer.

Minimum of 2GB RAM



21-11-2016: The Cycling app version 2.8.11 is available. Problem login fixed. 

Compatibility issues

The Wahoo tickr is not compatibel with Cycling an Tacx Training. Tacx is working on a solution

The Garmin HRM is not comppatible with the Cycling app and Tacx Training app. Tacx is working on a solution




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