Tacx released different Bushido models. 

T1980 Bushido ANT+

This trainer has only ANT+ communication and can only be connected to Tacx Trainer Software 4, Tacx Cycling App or Tacx Training App, when the Tablet or Smartphone support ANT+. The ANT+ T1991 dongle does not work on Tacx Trainer Software 4.20. Please use the T2028 ANT+ antenna or an other brand ANT+ dongle.

T2790 Bushido BT

This trainer can only be connected via Bluetooth with Tacx Cycling App or Tacx Training App. 

T2780 Bushido Smart

Works with ANT+ (FE-C connection with Third party Apps) and Bluetooth.  


What does the colour lights  means on the brake?

Indication of resistance. Green is low resistance, Amber is a bit more resistance and red is high resistance. 

The interruption of the lamps is the display of the cadence. When the lights are constant red, even at the beginning, then please contact the (web) shop. The electronics are broken. 


Bushido Smart is not showing speed.

You need to check the hardware of the Bushido Smart brake unit. To be able to read the speed the brake parts need to be locked to the midpart correctly. In the picture below you can see that the electronic part of the brake is not correctly fixed. There is a gap between the electronic part and the midpart of the brake. You need to press the electronic parts back (just by hand push). Once this is done you can try to connect this to the App / Software and see if all is working correctly. 



The brake makes a lot of noise.

Disengage the tire from the brake unit. Push your thumb hard against the metal band of the brake roller. If you hear a click or notice that the band is loose, you will need to contact the (web) shop from where you have purchased the trainer (this indicates that the metal roller is loose and is touching the back of the plastic casing). 

Check to see if the metal roller contains any rubber residu. Rubber particles make the tire bumpy and noisy. Always keep the metal roller clean. You can clean the roller with White Spirit or Vinegar. 


LED lights are red, or there are no lights anymore, brake blocks completely. 

This means there is a hardware failure. Please contact your (web) shop from where you purchased the trainer. 




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