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FLUX is not suitable for a long cage derailleur

A bike with a long cage derailleur won’t fit the FLUX as the maximum distance between the centre of the cassette and the top of the FLUX’s leg is 200mm (as shown in the image below). When using a long cage derailleur in the highest gear it’ll hit the leg.


FLUX in ERG mode. The resitance does not always change

During a power based training the resistance unit tries to hold the desired power or resistance level set by the application being used. The power output created by the cyclist is measured and the resistance unit will adjust to match the desired power level. The time to change between power levels is influenced by the strength of the resistance unit, the weight of the flywheel and changes in speed or cadence. the heavier the flywheel is, the more power the resistance unit needs to make the adjustments.

The FLUX has a higher low entry wattage level , you need more force (watt) to get it started and keep it moving. If you train on lower wattage (under 150W) and using high cadence it is very important that your gear settings is set to the lightest gear (small front chainring, large chain back). Using the small front chainring will also prevent wattage fluctuation.
This is the only way you can achieve wattage under 150W with a FLUX. If you want to test your own output, download and install the Tacx Utility app and go to Testing Dashboard. Here you can check your cadence and gear settings and see what kind of Wattage output you are producing. It is not possible for any ERG program to go lower than your own output.

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